Refinance & Debt

Debt Consolidation: Personal Loans & Credit Cards

Debt Consolidation – Credit Cards and Personal Loans Usually private debt has a higher interest rate because the debt isn’t secured against an asset.  For example, your credit card debt has no asset ‘securing it’ that a lender can sell should you default on the debt. Car loans are cheaper than credit cards because there…

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How Much Does Debt Actually Cost You?

How Much Does Debt Actually Cost You? For anyone that pays tax, there is a big difference between the price of non-deductible debt and the price of deductible debt.  It is vitally important to understand the differences and how they can affect your efforts to eliminate bad debt and create wealth. Think of the two…

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Refinance Your Mortgage To Own Your Home Sooner

Refinance Your Mortgage to Own Your Home Sooner Did you know the first few years of your home loan repayments are just paying off the interest?  You are barely reducing the balance.  However, refinancing can tip the scales in your favour. The reason for this is that a home loan operates like compounding interest in…

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