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We help you live the life you want.

We help everyday Australians get rid of debt and create wealth through an integrated advice model.


What is Integrated Advice?

To live the life you want you need to spend less than you make, get rid of bad debt quickly and then invest your surplus cash.We have partnered with experts in other specialties to make your dreams a reality.

  1. Mortgage broker – we help structure your lending with a competitive rate and features to accelerate debt reduction.

  2. Spending planner – helps with the banking structure and the timing of your expenses to maximise your surplus income.

  3. Financial planner – allocates your surplus cash to investments based on your risk appetite, protects your wealth, & models your wealth creation.

  4. Buyer’s agent – helps locate suitable investment properties with income & growth potential.

  5. Accountant – manages your tax affairs including deductible investment expenses & investment structure.  Provides business planning & growth for self-employed clients.

  6. Real estate agent – helps with maximising your return when selling your property & can assist with rental management.
Based on 60 reviews
Jared Webster
Jared Webster
Adam Stewart from Money Bright was referred to me through my friend network when I embarked on the process of effectively buying my first property, and I had no hesitation to engage his services purely based on such positive experiences I’ve heard from others. My situation made finding the best lender and loan type more challenging, particularly as I was divorced with 3 children and paying child support for 1 of them (under 18yrs). Adam identified the ability for some flexibility in specific lenders assessing my income and expenses as a single person rather than a ‘household’ with 1 dependent child. I also had a relatively low deposit saved with the need to borrow more than 80% of the property value, and Adam was able to again short-list the best lenders to maximise my borrowing power, including him identifying some simple levers that I could pull to amplify my borrowing capacity. The competition in this heated market meant that I also needed to make my offers as attractive as possible against other bidders, and Adam helped me by recommending a particular lender that could turn-around finance approval in as short as 2 days, along with satisfying my other requirements. Throughout the entire almost year-long process for me to acquire my first property, Adam displayed unwavering perseverance and was consistently a pleasure to work with. Adam was always very responsive, supportive and positive in nature. He regularly checked in with me with a very personable and friendly approach. For anyone looking for a Mortgage Broker who is highly experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled at navigating and facilitating the best home loan outcomes based on individual circumstances, I could not recommend Adam at Money Bright more highly. If I choose to embark on future property investment(s), Adam will be part of my hand-picked “A-Team” to support me in achieving my property and financial goals.
Sean Loch
Sean Loch
Adam was a great help and invaluable throughout the process of buying our first home. Very clear communication and talked us through every step of the process.
Sam Price
Sam Price
My partner and I are first home buyers and went through multiple rounds of applying for pre-approvals, having circumstances change or the approval expire, and then coming back to Adam to re-apply. Through all of that he was always supportive, helpful and ensured that we understood all of the steps along the way. Once we did buy, Adam quickly ensured our finance was in order and we've had no issues at all. The whole process was so smooth.
Josh Dunster
Josh Dunster
I needed help with buying my first home and found Adam made it very simple and removed any fears I had about the process. He was incredibly helpful, explained things clearly and was very friendly and easy to talk to. Adam helped me with securing the first home guarantee so I didn’t need to find 20% deposit and found a loan structure which ticked all the right boxes. Will definitely go through Adam for future home loans and have already recommended him to friends and family.
Jo B
Jo B
Really pleased with the whole process. Adam was great from start to finish. Very supportive and helpful in such a stressful time. Couldn't of asked for a better experience.
Jodie Davis
Jodie Davis
Adam was absolutely amazing and helpful in every way possible in getting me the loan to purchase my new car.Can’t recommend moneybright enough
Ethan Crowley
Ethan Crowley
As a real estate agent, I have never encountered a more open and communicative broker in all my career. I could not recommend Adam more highly. He was an absolute pleasure to work with.
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis
we are a self employed company and looking for a business loan to buy a new ute.Adam was amazing,very helpful and talked every step with us and kept us up to date with every process.We reccommend Adam for all ypur loan needs.
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett
Cannot recommend Adam highly enough. My partner and I spent close to 12 months trying to find the right place, which was incredibly stressful. However, Adam was really supportive, checking in on us the whole way. When we finally found the right place, the whole process was so smooth and stress-free that we thought for sure something would go wrong. Even when our bank had to double check some documents and it threatened to delay the contract, Adam was on the phone to the bank and had it sorted in time for us to go unconditional.
Bernie S
Bernie S
I certainly made the right choice in going with Adam. He helped me choose the right provider for my current situation and explained the reasons behind his recommendations. He took the time to listen to my concerns and what I wanted to achieve. His communication was outstanding and was kept up to date with every step in the process. Even with my weird and wonderful situation the whole process was done and completed with funds in account in less than a week. There is even to extra little support he gave me after it was all done so he definitely goes the extra mile for his clients. i would certainly would not hesitate to recommend Adam to any of my friends and family, actually to anyone really. Adam thank you so much I'm sure you know this is literally going to change my life thanks to you.

The Process

Initial Chat

We will have a brief initial chat to make sure we can help you.

Strategy Call

We will have a deeper conversation around what your ultimate goals are (based on a discussion around your values). We will send a document to grab your important information.

Loan Strategy Paper

We will prepare a document that outlines the product that is best placed to help you achieve your goals.


Once we have collected the documents requested by the chosen lender we will submit your application.


We will follow up with the lender to ensure the smooth settlement of your loan.

Spending Planner - bank account setup (OPTIONAL)

While optional, we would recommend a meeting with a spending planner to establish your banking structure. The aim would be to automate your spending and savings plan and identify what surplus you have for rapid debt reduction and/or wealth creation.

Integrated Advice Referrals (OPTIONAL)

Another optional referral is to chat with a financial planner. They can ensure you are adequately protecting your biggest asset and advise on ways you can invest your identified surplus consistent with how much risk you are comfortable with. They will be able to model the growth of your wealth through your investment activity.

At this point, depending on what path you are looking to take we can introduce you to other relevant professionals in our network as necessary.

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But how are we different?

Firstly, we have an approach that can help you eliminate your debt faster and grow your wealth sooner. Secondly, we find solutions for a wide range of people, to match their situation and needs. Some of the challenges our clients face include having:

Why work with us

Great service and access to 80+ lenders is a given. On top of that, some reasons to work with us include:


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