About Us

Adam Stewart

B. Int Bus/B Arts (Hons)
Adv Dip Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Dip Financial Services (Mortgage Broking)

Adam has been in financial services since 2004. In that time he has helped hundreds of people plan, implement and secure their financial futures.

He is an expert at guiding everyday Australians closer to the life they want by managing debt. This allows his clients to focus on the things that matter to them in life.

Short Message from Adam

I love to educate and assist people to improve their situation. I believe that life is not a dress rehearsal so we need to make it count.

I am laid-back and don’t actually like sales, which is why I created the calculators on this website. They are intended to help you get an idea of whether there is any merit in proceeding to a chat with me.

You will get a report tailored to your situation without even needing to talk to me. If the results look promising then please reach out for a chat. I promise there will be no hard-sell.

Try one of our calculators and get your FREE tailored report on how you can eliminate your debt faster. Or download a sample report to see what is provided.